Nvidia Offers Brief Introduction to Project Logan, Next Generation Mobile Architecture

Paul Lilly

A milestone in mobile, Nvidia says

According to Nvidia , the GPU inside Project Logan, its next-generation, CUDA-capable mobile processor, is a pretty big deal and as big of a milestone for mobile as the first GPU, the GeForce 256, was for the PC when it was introduced 14 years ago. That's a bold claim, though one Nvidia is confident to make since Project Logan's GPU is based on its already proven Kepler architecture.

"Our mission with Project Logan was to scale this technology down to the mobile power envelope – creating new configurations that we could both deploy in the Logan mobile SOC and license to others," Nvidia stated in a blog post .

While the new mobile part is based on Kepler, Nvidia said it added a new low-power interconnect and extensive new optimizations, both specifically designed for mobile. As a result, mobile Kepler uses less than one-third the power of GPUs in leading tablets like the iPad 4, while performing the same rendering.

What's more, this isn't a gimped chip; it supports the full spectrum of OpenGL and Microsoft's DirectX 11 API.

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