Nvidia Now Selling DIY G-Sync Upgrade Kits for Asus VG248QE Monitors

Paul Lilly

Available for a limited time only

Nvidia in October of last year unveiled its G-Sync monitor technology intended to reduce stutter, lag, tearing, and other unwanted effects associated with synching a monitor's refresh rate with the GPU. The company's goal is to integrate G-Sync into third-party monitors, though for a limited time, Nvidia is offering a G-Sync DIY upgrade kit that works with (and only with) Asus's 24-inch VG248QE display.

Word of warning -- this requires a proficiency with modding. "We strongly recommend that you're technically skilled with system modification," Nvidia says in a 15-minute instruction video."

The mod requires physically opening up your VG248QE monitor and popping the front panel off of the frame. This itself requires working your way around the frame with a screwdriver, being careful not to scratch or break anything. From there it gets more intense, though certainly doable if you're handy and/or experienced with taking apart electronics.

One other caveat is price. Nvidia is selling the G-Sync DIY upgrade kit for $200 plus shipping. That's on top of the cost of the Asus VG248QE monitor, which streets for around $265.

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