Nvidia May Take a Page From Google and Launch Its Own Brand Android Tablet

Paul Lilly

Nvidia eyes up Android tablet market

Microsoft found out the hard way that it's not so easy competing in the hardware space, just as Acer warned . On the flip side, Google proved that success stories are possible by launching its own brand Nexus 7 tablet (built by Asus), which is widely considered the best Android tablet available. Now there's talk that Nvidia might jump into the hardware space with an Android tablet of its own.

According to Fudzilla , Nvidia is not only working on an affordable 7-inch slate with stylus support, but also a high-end Android tablet under its own brand. Based on what Fudzilla heard from its sources in Europe, Nvidia's potent tablet would enter the market packing some serious heat in the form of Tegra 5, otherwise known as Logan, and Kepler graphics.

We'll let that sink in for a moment. Imagine a tablet with Kepler-class graphics. It could be a game changer, figuratively and literally, though it will ultimately depend on cost and execution. Towards the latter, Nvidia is gaining experience in how to navigate the retail handheld market with its Shield console, and that experience could prove invaluable to the company when/if it decides to compete in a sea of Android slates.

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