Nvidia May Pull Two More Graphics Cards From Its Hat in 2013

Paul Lilly

Add "GeForce GTX Titan Ultra" to your holiday wish list (just in case)

Nvidia hasn't said whether or not more video cards are on tap for 2013, but would anyone really be surprised if there were? You shouldn't be. The holiday shopping season is still several months away and rumor has it Nvidia may end the year with a bang by launching a high-end model such as the GeForce GTX 790. The GTX 790 could end up being a Titan Ultra card or it could be a graphics card with dual GK110 GPUs.

If it's a dual-GPU, expect a price tag in the neighborhood of $1,000, which is about par for course when dealing with these ultra-high end parts. Obviously not everyone has that kind of money to throw around on a single component, so it's also possible Nvidia will launch some lower end models, including rebranded GK104/106 parts and GK208 entry-level cards, Videocardz.com surmises .

As we head into 2014, Videocardz.com claims it was told by a manufacturer that Nvidia will release its Maxwell Series early in the year, which is sooner than expected.

"It is expected that GeForce 800 series will arrive in the first quarter of 2014, somewhere between February and March. What it basically means is that the chances for 20nm process are low," Videocardz.com says. "Of course Nvidia could already have first 20nm samples sooner than that, but TSMC will not be ready for mass production till June 2014."

Should Maxwell be based on a 20nm process, there would likely be a shortage of cards.

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