Nvidia Launches GeForce GTX 560 (non-TI)


Well folks, it's official. Putting an end to speculation and expanding upon the sneak performance peek recently offered up, Nvidia today cut the ribbon on its GeForce GTX 560 (non-Ti) videocard, a mid-range part that nudges in between the GeForce GTX 460 and GTX 560 Ti in both performance and price.

The new GTX 560 sports the same 40nm GF114 GPU (1.95 billion transistors) as its Ti elder and even faster clockspeeds, but less shader units. Reference specs include:

  • 336 CUDA cores
  • 810 - 950MHz graphics clock
  • 1620 - 1920MHz processor clock
  • 45.4 - 49.8 texture fill rate (billion/sec)
  • 1024MB GDDR5
  • 2002 - 2200MHz memory clock
  • 256-bit memory bus

It's essentially a faster clocked GTX 460, but with a slightly retooled GPU that should result in lower power consumption (and better yields on the manufacturing side). Pricing, as previously predicted, is supposed to be $199, at least for a card that's bone stock. Expect to pay a little more or less after factoring in mail-in-rebates, overclocked SKUs, and custom cooling solutions.

We're told by Nvidia that the 275.27 beta driver adds support for the 560, as well as double-digit performance gains in some games, as well as support for 3D Vision in The Witcher 2 (with launch day patch applied).

GeForce GTX 560 Product Page

Image Credit: Nvidia

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