Nvidia Launches 3D Vision Pro for Professionals

Paul Lilly

When we think of 3D technology, we typically envision 3D gaming, movies, and videos/photos, all of which fall under the home entertainment umbrella. But what about the working professional? Nvidia has them covered with its 3D Vision Pro , a "new 3D stereoscopic solution that enables engineers, designers, architects, and computational chemists who work with complex 3D designs to see their work in greater detail."

Running 3D Vision Pro requires a compatible Quadro graphics card, a 3D Vision-ready display, and a 3D Vision Pro RF hub. It's a costly combination that runs $350 for each pair of stereoscopic 3D shutter glasses, and $400 for the RF hub. Toss in a graphics card and, well, things quickly start to add up.

Cost aside, some key features of 3D Vision Pro's RF-based communication include extended range up to 100 feet, no line of sight requirement between the glasses and emitter, bi-directional communication, and an explicit connection between the glasses and the hub without any annoying crosstalk.

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Image Credit: Nvidia

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