Nvidia Jumps On The Miracast Wireless Display Standard Bandwagon With A Focus On Mobile Gaming

Brad Chacos

Move over, AirPlay, and keep your closed ecosystem and pricey adapters to yourself, Wi-Di; there's a new streaming display solution coming to town. The Wi-Fi Alliance plans on finalizing the Miracast wireless display standard in the next few months, enabling cord-and dongle-free streaming to monitors and TVs, and a big new partner just announced it was onboard: Nvidia. Even better, Big Green's bringing the Tegra 3 processor along for the ride, which could help to quickly spur adoption of the standard.

Miracast operates similarly to Wi-Fi Direct, allowing Miracast-compatible devices to connect directly and bypass the need to piggyback on a working Wi-Fi network. Several companies have hopped onboard the Miracast train, but Nvidia's positioning its Tegra 3 tablets and smartphones as a unique offering thanks to the mobile processor's excellent CPU/GPU combo chops.

From Nvidia's blog post :

At the heart of every Tegra chip is a high-performance CPU and GPU, which means you can use Tegra to play amazing games on the big screen. We’re not just talking about flinging Angry Birds but racing a super-charged jet ski in the game Riptide THD and playing heart-pounding first-person shooter games like Shadowgun THD. You can even take mobile gaming to the next level by pairing a Tegra device with a console controller for the ultimate wireless display experience .

Nvidia's also striving to keep Tegra's Miracast solution low-latency. Latency woes have plagued Intel's Wi-Di.

Tablet on the table, Shadowgun on the big screen and controller in hand, with no wires or adapters anywhere to be found? Sounds like a good time to us. Nvidia has a whitepaper outlining the basic principles behind its Miracast support , but the details are scarce; the company promises to release more info when the Miracast standard becomes ratified as an official spec.

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