Nvidia: Ion 2 Will be Better than Pine Trail


News and rumor site Fudzilla claims to have had an "interesting chat with key people involved in Nvidia's Ion project," all of which sounded pretty confident about the company's next generation Ion, or Ion 2.

As previously reported, the new Ion chip will act like a discrete GPU, a necessary transition because of how Intel has designed Pinetrail. It will also support Windows 7, boast over 5 hours of battery life, and according to Nvidia, has the potential to run 5 to 10 times faster than Atom with Pine Trail graphics. And while Pinetrail will only be able to play Flash content in SD, Ion 2 will support both SD and HD playback, according to Fudzilla's chit-chat. On top of it all, Ion 2 will support Blu-ray and 1080p, as well as mainstream gaming.

So what's the caveat? Put simply, Ion 2 will cost more than an Atom platform built around Pine Trail. That doesn't seem to bother Nvidia a whole lot, who says that its customers will put a higher value on HD, Blu-ray, transcoding, video editing, and casual gaming capabilities.

Image Credit: Nvidia

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