Nvidia Introduces Cloud 3D to Make it Easier for Developers to Render Web-based 3-D Imagery

Maximum PC Staff

Computing has taken an odd Joni Mitchell twist of late. Nvidia is the latest to announce it’s entry into cloud computing with Cloud 3D, a platform which Nvidia says will make it easier for developers to create and show powerful 3-D graphics technology. According to Nvidia Cloud 3D, which operates on the RealityServer platform, is “a powerful combination of GPUs and software that streams interactive, photorealistic 3D applications to any web connected PC, laptop, netbook and smart phone.”

RealityServer is powered by the Telsa RS GPU-based server, a massively parallel computing system boasting of 240 CUDA processors per core. Rendering will be performed with iRay , a technology developed by Nvidia’s Mental Images subsidiary, which provides physically correct ray-tracing in this computing environment. Nvidia’s goal is to provide real-time rendering solutions over the web.

"This is one giant leap closer to the goal of real-time photorealistic visual computing for the masses," said Dan Vivoli, Nvidia senior vice president. Nvidia sees Cloud 3D serving the high demand needs of car designers and those of online shoppers, who will be able to interactively design home interiors, including rearranging the furniture.

Image Credit: Nvidia

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