Nvidia GTX 660 Ti Rumored to Launch Mid-August

Brad Chacos

Nvidia's GTX 670 delivers almost GTX 680-type frame rates for $100 less, but that doesn't change the fact that we've yet to see a true mid-range card from Nvidia so far this generation. That could be changing soon, however, as sources for two different enthusiast websites have said that the much more mainstream GTX 660 Ti is set to launch about a month from now, midway through August.

Both SweClockers and VideoCardz claim that the card is slated for release sometime between August 13 and 19, with an anticipated fate of August 16th seeing as how its predecessors were launched on Thursdays. Plus, that GPU-Z update we talked about earlier today added GTX 660 support. SweClockers indicates that launch window would allow the card to hit the streets just prior to the annual back-to-school upgrade rush. (Does that really exist? Are caring mothers really rushing out to buy their college-aged kids graphics cards?)

Nvidia's kept mum on the specs of its upcoming cards, but rumors say the GK104-based GTX 660 Ti will sport either 1152 or 1344 CUDA cores (our money's on the former) with 1.5GB of GDDR5 memory, a 192-bit memory interface and a price tag south of $300. Any takers?

Via TechPowerUp

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