NVIDIA GPU Class-Action Suit Settlement Reaches Claim-Filing Stage


Filing of claims in the settlement of the class-action lawsuit that was brought against NVIDIA a couple of years ago for shipping defective GPUs inside certain Dell, HP and Apple notebooks is now underway. It was alleged that the faulty NVIDIA parts undermined the performance of the affected notebooks, but the graphics chip maker eventually r eached a settlement in the class-action lawsuit in September, 2010. The settlement was approved by the court in December.

Those who bought the affected laptops are eligible to file a claim for replacement or reimbursement or both, according to the website NVIDIA has set up for the settlement . All important information with regards to the settlement and the filing of claims, including lists of affected models and symptoms covered, can be found on the site.  Those at the receiving end of  the company’s faulty parts have until March 14, 2011 to file their claims.

Some of the problems that users of the affected notebooks had to put up with include: distorted or scrambled video (all), complete loss of video output (all), garbled images (Dell/HP), and failure to detect wireless network (HP).

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