Nvidia Gives Mobile Graphics a Boost with GeForce 700M GPU Line

Paul Lilly

Five new notebook GPUs comprise the GeForce 700M family.

Ron Burgundy once said you have to keep your head on a swivel when you find yourself in a vicious cock fight, but the same is true when wading through tech news on April Fool's Day. That said, everyting (Edit: almost everything ) we post today is real, or believed to be real, starting with Nvidia's rollout of five mobile GPUs based on its new GeForce 700M line. We actually spoke with Nvidia last week about these new chips and were told the 700M line runs up to 30 percent faster, on average, than their 600M line.

The five new SKUs include the GeForce GT 750M, 745M, 740M, 735M, and 720M. Nvidia says the three higher SKUs are aimed at the performance segment and the two lower ones are for the mainstream market.

All five are based on Kepler and utilize Nvidia's updated GPU Boost 2.0 technology, which intelligently gooses GPU clockspeeds to run up to 15 percent faster than stock. They also take advantage of Nvidia's Optimus technology so that the GPU isn't unnecessarily draining battery life when all you're doing is typing an email.

Finally, the 700M line will take advantage of GeForce Experience , a cloud-based service that analyzes your system hardware and automatically adjusts in-game settings to their optimal values.

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