Nvidia GeForce GTX 580 Boards Pictured and Priced

Paul Lilly

Nvidia over the weekend gave PDXLAN attendees a sneak peek inside the technology behind its upcoming GeForce GTX 580 videocard, and if you thought team green was excited, e-tailers are having trouble containing themselves.

News and rumor site Fudzilla claims to have spotted an Asus ENGTX580 on Amazon priced at $519 before the online retailer yanked the listing. Using our Google-fu, we uncovered several listings on Provantage , though none of them are currently using real product pics, and several are priced through the roof (close to $1,000, which isn't what these cards will actually go for). Over at Sabre PC, we spotted an EVGA brand GTX 580 priced at $500, while EVGA forum member "Chaotic Yeti" snapped a pic of the same card selling in a Minnesota Micro Center for $580 (see below).

The bottom line is these cards are coming soon and will likely be priced between $500 to $600.

Image Credit: EVGA forum member "Chaotic Yeti"

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