Nvidia GeForce GTX 570 Details Leaked to the Web

Paul Lilly

Psst, come here. You aren't supposed to know this, but according to a Palit Product Information slide sweclockers.com posted online , it appears Nvidia is readying its GeForce GTX 570 videocard for a December 7, 2010 launch date, the same day as World of Warcraft: Cataclysm .

That's also just a few days ahead of AMD's Cayman launch, barring any last minute surprises. Regardless of how it all shakes out, Nvidia's GTX 570, according to the posted spec sheet, will come with 480 CUDA cores and 1280MB of memory clocked at 3800MHz on a 320-bit bus. The GPU will race along at 732MHz and the shaders at 1464MHz.

The GTX 570 will come with a pair of 6-pin PCI-Express power connectors and carry a 225W TDP, compared to 244W on the GTX 580 and 250W on the GTX 480.

Image Credit: sweclockers.com

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