Nvidia GeForce Experience 2.0 Adds ShadowPlay Support for Notebooks

Paul Lilly

Laptop gamers are invited to the ShadowPlay party

Today is a busy one for Nvidia. In addition to launching new beta drivers intended to steal some thunder away from AMD's Mantle API, Nvidia upgraded its GeForce Experience platform to version 2.0 . The new release is described as a "major update" to the software that's been installed on 35 million PCs to date, and among the new features is ShadowPlay support for GeForce GTX notebooks.

ShadowPlay will work on laptops rocking GeForce GTX 800M, GTX 700M, and select GTX 600M GPUs. In addition to adding laptop support, Nvidia's updated GeForce Experience software now allows for desktop capture. To take advantage of the feature, you'll need the latest GeForce driver with Aero mode enabled.

Other additions to ShadowPlay include native 1920x1200 capture, the ability to pause via Alt-Tab (previously this would terminate a recording), advanced quality options for Twitch streaming, improved microphone audio quality, and a few other odds and ends.

GeForce Experience 2.0 also adds remote GameStream support, meaning you can log into a locked PC from Shield no matter where you are and stream your games, provided you have enough bandwidth.

You can find more information on GeForce Experience 2.0 here , and you can download the software here .

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