Nvidia GeForce 334.89 WHQL Drivers Now Available to Download

Paul Lilly

New drivers from Nvidia boost performance up to 19 percent

As Nvidia often does when releasing new graphics cards, there are new WHQL-certified drivers to download. According to Nvidia, the recently released GeForce 334.89 drivers offer double-digit percentage performance gains in some titles (up to 19 percent) for GeForce 400, 500, 600, and 700 series GPUs (compared to GeForce 332.21 WHQL). The drivers also add a few new SLI profiles.

Starting with the performance gains, Nvidia provides the following examples:

  • Up to 19 percent in F1 2013
  • Up to 18 percent in Sleeping Dogs
  • UP to 16 percent in Hitman Absolution
  • Up to 15 percent in Company of Heroes 2
  • Up to 10 percent in Assassin's Creed 3
  • Up to 7 percent in BioShock Infinite
  • Up to 6 percent in Sniper Elite V2
  • Up to 5 percent in Total War: Rome 2

Beyond the performance boost, installing the new drivers add SLI profiles for Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD, Assassin's Creed: Freedom Cry, Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut, and The Crew.

You can check out the full release notes (PDF) for more information, and then download the drivers direct from Nvidia.

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