Nvidia GeForce 275.33 Drivers Now Available for Download

Paul Lilly

If you own a GeForce videocard, you can get a jump on your weekend gaming session by downloading Nvidia's GeForce 275.33 driver package that was just released. This is the first WHQL-certified driver from the 'Release 275' family and adds support for the recently launched GeForce GTX 560 videocard, plus a handful of performance gains in select games.

Nvidia says if you've been using the v275.27 beta driver, you may have noticed a "significant performance drop in The Witcher 2." That's been resolved in this new driver release, and you can expect up to double digit performance gains in titles like Bulletstorm (with AA enabled) and Batman: Arkham Asylum (with PhysX set to High) using a GeForce GTX 580 or 560 videocard. Version 275.33 also purportedly increases gaming performance by up to 12 percent for dual-core CPUs in CPU-limited cases, Nvidia says.

Outside of raw performance gains, v275.33 adds a bunch of new features and enhancements, including a new Nvidia Control Panel user interface; automatic SLI, multi-GPU, and AA profile updates that are silently installed to your PC; improved desktop resizing UI; bundled 3D Vision Controller driver; support for new 3D Vision projectors (NEC NP-V300X series); and more.

Nvidia Driver Download

Image Credit: Nvidia

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