Nvidia Forums Closed Following Password-Stealing Hack Attack

Brad Chacos

Ruh-roh, 'Raggy: late yesterday, Nvidia announced that it has battened down the hatches and shut down both its general and developer forums after a series of hack attacks against the sites. So far, Nvidia's investigation confirms that "unauthorized third parties" gained access to the forum-goers' usernames, email addresses, passwords and public profile information.

"'About Me' optional profiles could include a user’s title, age, birthdate, gender, location, interests, email and website URL – all of which was already publicly accessible," Nvidia reports, apparently trying to somewhat downplay the significance of the breach.

When the company gets the forums back up and running, all passwords will be reset and users will receive emails with information about how to set up a new one. In the meantime, although the passwords were hashed and not saved in plain text, Nvidia urges you to change your username and password at other websites if you're the type of person who likes to use the same combination over and over again in different places.

Nvidia also says it won't contact you by email asking for any sensitive info, so if you receive a message from Big Green asking for your bank account info, run screaming.

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