Nvidia Following in ARM's Footsteps, Plans to License Graphics Technology

Paul Lilly

A potentially big move for Nvidia.

It's hard to argue against the success ARM has had in the mobile space. Arguably no other company has a larger footprint in the smartphone and tablet market, and it's all done through licensing its technology to third parties. Nvidia, whose own Tegra line is based on ARM's architecture, has been paying attention to ARM's business savvy and will soon begin licensing its Kepler GPU technology to other companies.

So says Reuters based on a conversation it had with Nvidia chief Jen-Hsun Huang. As the landscape changes and trends toward mobile, Huang wants to be sure his company remains flexible and is willing to adapt.

"The bottom line is the world has changed and we're expanding our business model to serve markets that we historically could not serve by selling chips alone," Huang told Reuters .

It's an interesting proposition and one that would inevitably pit Nvidia against ARM. As to whether Nvidia has any plans of licensing its GPU technology to Apple and Samsung, Huang played it coy saying it's early and his company has only begun interacting with the marketplace.

"We will target customers where their capacity and desire to build their own application processors is great," Huang said.

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