Nvidia Fermi Delayed (Again), AMD Readies Mid-range Refresh

Paul Lilly

According to the latest rumors, Nvidia is likely to delay its next-gen DirectX 11 GPU, codenamed Fermi, to March 2010. That's disappointing news for a hyped up chip originally scheduled to launch back in November 2009 before being pushed back to CES in January.

Nvidia hasn't said anything officially, but market rumors suggest the original release was pushed back because of defects, and it would appear the graphics chip maker still has a few bugs to iron out of its Fermi architecture. Assuming smooth sailing from here on out, Nvidia is expected to launch its 40nm Fermi-GF100 GPU in March, followed by the high-end GF104 in the second quarter.

While Nvidia fixes Fermi, AMD is gearing up to launch 40nm Radeon HD 5670, 5570, and 5450 GPUs sometime between the end of January and February 2010.

Image Credit: scienceprogress.org

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