Nvidia Downplays AMD's DX11 Head Start

Ryan Whitwam

Nvidia is looking to assuage fears that it is falling behind rival AMD in the GPU race . Nvidia’s Michael Hara said the lead AMD currently has in DirectX 11 is “insignificant”. “To us, being out of sync with the API for a couple of months isn't as important as what we're trying to do in the big scheme of things for the next four or five years,” said Hera.

Nvidia’s next generation Fermi is supposed to appear in the first quarter of 2010. However, few details are available beyond the apparent low production yields. Hera also stressed the importance of Direct X 11 as it will offer tessellation and support for multi-core processes.  The new standard will also fully support DirectCompute allowing parallel GPU processing in various applications.

So Nvidia must feel like they have a winner on their hands to be talking up DX11 so much. We can only hope.

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