Nvidia Developing Tegra Platform for Google Chrome OS


Turns out the rumors are true - at some point in the not too distant future, you will see Google Chrome OS devices running on Nvidia's Tegra platform . At least that's what Mike Rayfield, Nvidia's GM of Mobile Business, told jkOnTheRun.com.

Rayfileld said Nvidia is "working closely with Google" on the Chrome OS platform, which is part of Nvidia's two-pronged approach. The first is to put Tegra on Windows Mobile and Google Android devices, but far from being just for handhelds, Rayfield said Tegra will also find a home in Windows CE and Google Chrome OS-based smartbooks and netbooks.

This could potentially be a huge development, given Tegra's prowess in the portable space. The Tegra platform excels at running small, energy efficient gadgets, as evidenced by the new Zune HD, and when combined with Chrome, a Tegra netbook could give today's units a run for their money.

Image Credit: CrunchGear.com

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