Nvidia Clues Us In On When "It's Coming"

Brad Chacos

Last week, Nvidia teased us with a vague picture of a black cooler shroud with the words "It's coming" emblazoned underneath the Nvidia logo. We still may not know what "it" is, but now we know when it's coming: this Saturday, April 28th at 7:30 P.M. Pacific time. In a new article up on the Nvidia website , the company says it "will be making a special announcement at GeForce LAN / NVIDIA Gaming Festival (NGF) 2012 in Shanghai, China."

As we said before , Nvidia's keeping mum about the details, but the scuttlebutt -- supposedly verified by "independent sources" -- is that Big Green will be rolling out the dual-GPU GTX 690 at that point, presumably for approximately a gajillion dollars. Others expect the announcement will be for the single-GPU GTX 670 or 670 Ti, which makes a bit more sense, seeing as how Nvidia is having trouble keeping GTX 680s in stock already.

Unleashing a dual-GPU card would only lessen the already-lean availability of the new GeForce cards, while the appearance of the GTX 670 Ti could possibly allow Nvidia to start making money off of GPUs that couldn't quite make the grade as a GTX 680. (The GTX 670 Ti is rumored to be basically the same as the GTX 680 , only with one of the eight streaming multiprocessors (SMX) disabled, thereby giving it fewer working CUDA cores.) Still, like we said, the rumor mill says the GTX 690 is "it."

But hey, we're just stabbing in the dark here. The answer to what "it" really is will be here in less than a week.

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