NVidia Claims PC Gaming Sales Will Overtake Consoles By 2014 -Hardware Already 10x More Powerful

Maximum PC Staff

NVidia is famous for talking up the potential of PC gaming, but considering that the company’s profits are almost entirely dependent on the success of that genre, many have taken it with a grain of salt. For years they have claimed PC gaming is on the rise, but now they can actually put a date to it. According to analysts commissioned by the graphics chip maker, PC gaming revenue will overtake consoles by 2014 . They also presented a slide which shows the progression of GPU hardware overtime compared to consoles, and it paints a pretty clear picture. While the PS3 & Xbox 360 may have given a high end GPU a run for their money back in 2005, in 2011 PC hardware is potentially 10x faster than current generation consoles.

The exact science behind NVidia claims wasn’t entirely transparent, especially when you consider that Valve, one of the largest online PC retailers doesn’t share its sales data with the public. Despite our reservations we willing to give Nvidia and their market research firm the benefit of the doubt, and let you decide for yourself if you agree with the assessment.

Do you believe PC gaming is poised to go mainstream? Or will it forever remain a niche?

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