Nvidia CEO: Nvidia Cloud-Based GeForce Grid GPUs Will Bring Videogames To The Masses

Brad Chacos

A few weeks back, we highlighted Nvidia's supercomputer-powered "GeForce Experience" initiative , which wants to use the power of the cloud to scan your hardware and offer one-click graphics setting optimization for PC games. Nvidia announced another cloud-based graphics platform at the same time: the GeForce Grid, a Kepler-based GPU that gaming services can use to power games at a remote location, then stream them to you over an Internet connection. (Think OnLive , but powered by Nvidia.) Nvidia boss Jen-Hsun Huang says he thinks Grid's potential for cross-platform ubiquity could break down barriers and create legions of new gamers.

"We believe this will do for video games what cable television did for video," The Verge reports Huang as saying during an investor call yesterday. "Convenience is worth a lot of money."

In fact, since you basically only need an Internet connection and an H.264 decoder to run Grid-powered games, Huang envisions them actually appearing as their very own cable selection: "You flip to the game channel... bam, you're playing games."

That day's a long way off, though; GeForce Grid is still in its infancy. You can read up on all of Grid's nitty gritty details, including tech specs like CUDA cores and shader performance, over on the Nvidia website . Huang also sat down with TechRadar a couple of weeks ago to talk about GeForce Grid in-depth , including an explanation of why power gamers will still want a gaming rig with a dedicated GPU.

So whaddaya think: are all these new cloud-based graphics projects the way of the future? Is it still PC gaming if you play it on your TV?

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