Nvidia and TSMC Tag Team One Billion GeForce Processors

Paul Lilly

Nvidia designs graphics processors and TSMC manufactures them. Between the two, they've managed to ship a billion GeForce graphics chips, an impressive milestone that took less than 12 years to reach, the two companies said in a joint statement .

"Since inventing the GPU more than a decade ago, Nvidia has driven innovation in these processors at a rate virtually unmatched in the technology industry," said Jen-Hsun Huang, president and chief executive office, Nvidia. "With our close partnership with TSMC, the complexity of these devices has increased more than 1,000 times, enabling enormous progress in computers ranging from handhelds and PCs to workstations and data centers."

Nvidia is what's referred to as a fabless company, meaning they don't own any chip fabrication plants. Like other fabless companies, Nvidia contracts manufacturing through one or more foundries -- in this case, TSMC -- as opposed to companies like Intel, which both designs and builds its own chips.

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