Nvidia Among Linux Foundation's Newest Members

Pulkit Chandna

The Linux Foundation earlier this week welcomed four new members. It’s not the number of new members that’s important here, though. What’s more important is the fact that one these new Linux patrons is graphics chip maker Nvidia. Hit the jump for more.

The Santa Clara, California-based company has joined the Linux Foundation as a silver member. While undoubtedly an important addition, Nvidia is not the first major chip maker on the non-profit consortium’s membership roll, which already boasts the likes of Intel (platinum member) and AMD (gold member).

Speculation is already rife that Nvidia plans to open source its drivers. However, the official press release contains nothing regarding the extent and nature of Nvidia’s commitment to Linux. In fact, it has little more than the following quote from Scott Pritchett, VP of Linux Platform Software at Nvidia:

“NVIDIA is strongly committed to enabling world-class experiences and innovation with our GPU and mobile products. Membership in The Linux Foundation will accelerate our collaboration with the organizations and individuals instrumental in shaping the future of Linux, enabling a great experience for users and developers of Linux,” said Scott Pritchett, VP of Linux Platform Software at NVIDIA.”

Of course, Nvidia is not the only company to have joined the Linux Foundation this week. The others to do so are Fluendo, Lineo Solutions and Mocana.

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