Nvidia Adds Galaxy to Authorized Board Partner List in North America


Galaxy doesn't enjoy nearly the same notoriety in the U.S. market as EVGA, BFG, XFX, and other major graphics players, but that might change in the coming months now that it has become an Authorized Board Partner in North America and Latin America. Whether or not Galaxy can contend with existing bigwigs remains to be seen, but it certainly seems stoked about the announcement.

"This partnership will allow the customers in the U.S. to see the advantages of using a tier one manufacturer with superior quality, aggressive prices, and great tech support," stated Shane Vance , U.S. sales. "We have already teamed up with Nvidia to bring some exciting software promotions to show off the power of the Galaxy graphics cards," stated Ric Lewis, U.S. Sales.

Galaxy, while largely overshadowed in the North American market, has been selling products through e-tailers such as Newegg, Tiger Direct, Dell.com, Amazon, and others. You may have also seen Galaxy-branded cards on retails shelves at your local Best Buy or Microcenter, but up until now, the company has been a bigger player overseas where it has been an authorized partner for the past several years.

Image Credit: Galaxy

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