By the Numbers, Android is King of the Tablet Market



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Listen, I'm the first guy to shout "forget about crApple" but let's be real here. The only reason Android is winning the "I've assimilated the most electronics by numbers" battle, is because Android is put on every half crapped p.o.s. mom and pop electronic device. I'm totally about Android and I'm no great fan of apple but seriously the one thing I will say is although mediocre in performance Apple's products are all high end. Whereas all of "dem free gov'mint obama phones" are Android, and all the crappy pre-load your minutes no contracts are android, and all the "My mom doesn't understand electronics, I said iPad and she bought me a COBY brand 98 dollar touch pad from BestBuy." I mean yea, by numbers Android is "winning" but in a "Charlie Sheen burn out '#winning' omg! What are you doing to yourself, have some class" kind of way.


Renegade Knight

Yes Android is on the low end. It's also on the high end. It's also the market leader. The strategy is working.



I have been wanting an android Tablet badly but I have not been able to get one because the way my money situation, I can't even afford the cheap crappy generic ones that come out around christmas time.



The only thing iOS has going for it these days is the apps. Most developers are targeting iOS first and Android second or not at all. This stems from the fact that iOS users either have more cash to burn or are just more willing to spend.

Beyond that, iOS is mostly playing catch-up to Android in a lot of ways. So if you can get an arguably superior OS on equally nice or better hardware for less money, it's pretty much a no-brainer.



iOS apps are NOT substantially more lucrative than android ones. That's just an urban myth:



>The only thing iOS has going for it these days is the apps.

That's likely less important than it was a couple years ago. There are still some nichey apps that are only availale for iOS. From a sheer numbers perspective, yes there are more for iOS. When you count redundant crap, you get larger numbers.

'Seems iOS apps almost always cost more.

I agree on Android being a no-brainer. Particularly when considering tablets similar to the Asus Transformer. USB, Micro-SD, SD, HDMI... All without additional dongles.

One thing though: If I'm recommending to a parent or older relative, it will be the iPad. I don't want the support calls. They have different needs than I do...



The fact that Android-based tablets can be gotten for so much cheaper than iPads makes this a no-brainer to me. Personally, I'd rather have an iPad, but they're too expensive and can't display Adobe Flash pages. Those two factors are the iPad-killers for me.
Surface RT? I wouldn't want one unless it was either dirt-cheap or it could be reloaded with Android.