NTT DoCoMo Eearbuds: Control Your Music...with Your Eyes

Ryan Whitwam

Eyes straight ahead people. If this product becomes real and you find yourself using it, glancing to the side could make your music player do some crazy stuff. NTT DoCoMo did a little demo at Mobile World Congress showing off their new earphone concepts. They use the wearer’s eye movements to control music playback.

The system works even if the user has his or her eyes closed. It can manage this feat because the earphones are basically electrodes that can detect the change in electric potential when the eyes move. Sure, it’s a neat idea, but is it any good in practice? It would be impractical to have the earphones monitoring your eyes at all times, lest you skip tracks every time you glance at the clock. So activate the system with a button press? Why not just make the button do what you wanted?

No real details were provided about price or availability. If you start seeing more people than ususal rolling their eyes at you, the DoCoMo earphones might have been released. Keep an eye out for this one.

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