NPD: Connected Devices Have Yet to Catch On

Paul Lilly

Connected device makers have yet to really penetrate the market in large numbers, a new report from market research firm The NPD Group suggests.

According to NPD, 75 percent of U.S. consumers age 13 and older did not connect or download content, including eBooks and music,  in the past three months.

"What we learned in our research is that while some people already experience the world in a connected way, most do not," said Russ Crupnick, vice president and senior entertainment analyst for NPD. "For many who are connecting it is not about the flashiest apps, but more about the fundamentals like web browsing and email. The promise of the connected experience is coming, as prospective Blu-ray owners want their players to come with connectivity, and half of game consoles are already connected. The doors are also opening wider for music, video, gaming and other forms of entertainment."

And yes, these numbers include smartphones. NPD says just 4 percent of Americans downloaded content via their smartphone in the past three months, while 6 percent did so with their video game player and 15 percent with their PC or Mac. Only 2 percent hopped online and downloaded content with their Blu-ray player or other digital video player (Apple TV, Roku).

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