Now You can Buy Windows with a Linux Credit Card

Paul Lilly

Linux has found a new home: in your wallet. The Linux Foundation is now offering a platinum rewards Linux credit card complete with the Tux penguin on the front.

The Linux Foundation receives a percentage of every purchase made with the card, as well $50 for every new card activation.

"All funds from the Visa card program will go directly towards providing community technical events and providing travel grants for open source community members in order to accelerate Linux innovation."

There are two designs to choose from, both with Tux on the front and both with the same features (no annual fee, zero liability protection, etc). However, it's only available to U.S. residents, which isn't likely to change "due to a lack of partners to work with to expand the program to other countries."


You know it has to be asked: What's in your wallet?

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