Now Anyone Can Ride the Google Wave

Ryan Whitwam

It was one year ago that we got our first look at Google Wave . When it launched in preview it was only available by invitation. Now Google has announced that anyone at all can wander over to Wave, and get started without being invited first. Google detailed a variety of ways the public has used Google Wave in order to inspire new users. For example, Mashable's use of Wave to conduct interviews . A few educational projects were highlighted as well.

Showing that they are acutely aware of the state Wave was in when it launched, Google took pains to encourage disappointed users to give it another shot. According to Google, Wave is much faster and more stable than it was just a short time ago. In our experience, Google has fixed some of the major annoyances, like being unable to remove someone from a Wave. Developers will be happy to know Google has also open sourced some additional Wave components, and also released some new APIs.

Have you been using Wave all this time, or did you forget all about it? Let us know what you think of Wave now that it's freely accessible.

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