Now an Extra 1.5" of Screen Space Can be Yours for Just $30

Ryan Whitwam

If you’re the type that really craves extra screen real estate with a minimum of hassle, you probably dig these USB monitors we’re seeing these days. But if you also happen to be hard up for cash, the Luma Labs UD7 may be what you’re looking for. Well, maybe if you have low expectations. The UD7 is a mere 1.5 inches across. The practical upshot of its small size is the similarly small price of $30.

Like its larger brethren, the UD7 is powered and controlled via a single USB input. Luma suggests running a calendar or twitter stream on the tiny device. They have included software to allow it to display just that sort of stuff. The bad news is that you’ll probably need the software, as the device likely won’t be detected as a real monitor. This makes it less an extra (if small) display, and more of an executive desk toy.

Maybe you’d like to have a very small slideshow on your desk? Despite its expected uselessness, Christmas is just around the corner. How would you feel if you got one of these under the tree?

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