Novell VP Says Windows Users Scared to Install Software

Paul Lilly

Miguel de Icaza, the dude who started the GNOME and Mono projects and now serves as Vice President of Developer platforms over at Novell, painted a picture of Windows users worried about installing software on their machines.

"Everyone is scared of installing applications on Windows either because they break the system or because you might be accidentally installing malware," Miguel wrote in a blog post . "In either case, the end result is countless wasted hours backing data up, reinstalling the operating system and all the applications."

Miguel's criticisms stem from Microsoft's plan to build an App Store for Windows, and while "creative," he says that Microsoft is missing "the fundamental point that people are scared of installing software on Windows." Instead, he says Microsoft should focus its efforts creating an appliance that allows users to install and remove apps in seconds, and at the same time guarantee that installing and remove apps will never break the system.

No easy task, Miguel admits that this approach would involve altering the Windows kernel and coming up a with a new way of distributing apps.

Read all of what he had to say here .

Image Credit: Flickr

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