Novel Develops World's Thinnest Air Cooled Heatsink

Paul Lilly

Misplace your heatsink? Try checking your wallet, right in between your Visa credit card and your Paypal debit card. It's not outrageous, it's Novel Concept Inc.'s new ThinSink cooler, which the company claims is the world's thinnest forced convection (fan cooled) heatsink. This thing's not just as thin as a credit card, it's even skinnier, yet supposedly has a volumetric cooling efficiency 25 times greater than today's best microprocessor heatsinks, Novel Concepts says. Can it really be true?

The ThinSink measures 85mm by 55mm by 0.75mm, uses a 50mm diameter smooth fan spinning at 6000RPM, and sips just 0.031 watts of electricity. A single AAA battery powers the cooler for up to two days. And because of the smooth fan surface, it runs quiet without the pulsating sound and vibration caused by traditional fan blades, Novel Concepts claims.

At that size, you're obviously not going to drop one of these into your overclocked Core i7 desktop, but you will find the ThinSink being used in notebooks, monitors, and tablets, or so Novel Concepts hopes. The ultra compact size and potent cooling ability can be used to cool integrated circuits, semiconductors, LEDs, and other microelectronic heat generating devices. And it's cheap too boot, consisting of just two thin plate parts (excluding motor), which can be molded from metal or plastic.

ThinSink Homepage

Image Credit: Novel Concepts

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