Notion Ink Taking Pre-Orders on Adam Tablet

Paul Lilly

For those of you who have been patiently holding out for Notion Ink's Adam tablet, you can finally stop twiddling your thumbs and at least put your pre-order in . In return for waiting, Notion Ink said it lowered the price across the board.

There are six versions to choose from, including:

  • LCD Wi-Fi
  • LCD + 3G 900 Series
  • LCD + 3G 850 Series
  • Transreflective Wi-Fi
  • Transreflective + 3G 900 Series
  • Transreflective + 3G 850 Series

Pricing starts out at $370 for the LCD Wi-Fi version and $500 for the Transreflective Wi-Fi model. The Transreflective models tap into Pixel Qi technology, which you can read about here .

That's all well and good, but when will it ship? Notion Ink didn't say, but according to Engadget , you can expect the Adam to land around the first week of January.

Image Credit: Notion Ink

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