Notebook Vendors not Pushing the USB 3.0 Issue

Paul Lilly

Notebook players predict that it will be at least another year before USB 3.0 becomes commonplace on laptops. Citing sources purportedly in the know, DigiTimes says that both the cost and performance stability of existing USB 3.0 chips are preventing faster adoption, not to mention market acceptance in general.

If you look around, you'll spot a handful of laptops with at least one USB 3.0 port, though these are the exception and not the rule. NEC, which pretty much owns the USB 3.0 market, charges about $4 to $5 for its chip. That doesn't sound so horrible, but when combined with cost increases for several other components, things quickly start to add up. And since notebook vendors don't detect an urgent demand for the technology, it's easier to just stick with USB 2.0.

What do you think about this strategy? Would you pay a little extra for USB 3.0 on your notebook, or could you care less about the SuperSpeed spec at this point?

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