Notebook Vendors Eyeing Up Business Sector for Ultra-Thins

Paul Lilly

Hoping to build on the increasing popularity of ultra-thin laptops in the home consumer sector, notebook vendors have started targeting businesses , sources from notebook players say.

The reason? Ultra-thins are better suited for businesses. Whereas home users put more demands on multimedia playback and gaming support, the real advantages to owning an ultra-thin are longer battery life and portability, both of which happen to be very important to the average business user.

And it's not just Lenovo and Dell that are taking notice. Sources say Acer, Asus, and MSI all are looking to transition from home to work. As a result, global ultra-thin notebook shipments are expected to increase from around six million units and 3.7 percent of the total global notebook shipments in 2009, to 24 million units and 12 percent of shipments in 2010.

Image Credit: MSI

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