Notebook Makers Grow Impatient with High Cost to Manufacture Ultrabooks

Paul Lilly

When is an Ultrabook not really an Ultrabook? Whenever Intel says so, that's when. For consumers, the answer might not be so cut and dry, and as notebook makers look to deliver thin and light notebooks at lower price points, you'll have to ask yourself how much you really care about buying a notebook with an official Ultrabook designation versus buying one that's nearly identical but lacks Intel's full blessing.

Here's the deal. According to news and rumor site DigiTimes , notebook manufacturers aren't really happy with the high manufacturing costs associated with second-generation Ultrabooks. Next-gen models are expected to cost about a grand, and that's a tough sell. The solution? Launch "ultra-like" notebooks.

DigiTimes didn't go into specifics, but we imagine lower priced Ultrabook knockoffs will show up to the thin and light party with mechanical hard drives instead of solid state drives, lower quality displays, slightly thicker frames, and a variety of less expensive processor options, including those from AMD.

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