Notebook Makers Adjust Blu-Ray Strategy to React to the Market


We're not sure how Sony envisioned the Blu-ray revolution once HD-DVD was taken out of the game, but the reality has to be different than what was perceived. With the high price of players, consumers continue to show a lukewarm response to the victorious high definition format, even with inflated figures courtesy of Playstation 3 console sales.

In response to how things have shaped up, DigiTimes reports notebook vendors are beginning to change their strategies and kick Blu-ray to the curb. Citing un-named sources, the tech news site claims Asus originally panned to put a Blu-ray drive in its upcoming N80 and N50 laptops, but now only plans to do so with the N50 model. Going forward, Asus will focus it's Blu-ray offerings on large size (and more expensive) notebooks in 2009.

But while Asus has left the door open, Acer looks to be completely abandoning the format with no plans to launch any new Blu-ray notebooks for the remainder of this year.

Image Credit: Flickr biladay

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