Norton Survey: 27% of Women Would Rather Skip a Shower Than Fix an Old PC

Paul Lilly

Norton Utilities examines some interesting alternatives consumers would rather do than try to repair a dilapidated PC.

We don't know whether to be encouraged or frightened by a new "Consumer PC Frustrations" survey (PDF) conducted by Wakefield Research and commissioned by Norton Utilities , so we'll settle on being amused. The survey pinged 1,000 PC users and asked them a series of questions, starting with how they view trying to fix an aging PC. Of those surveyed, 27 percent of the female respondents said they'd rather go three days without a shower than try to fix an old computer, while a third of the male respondents said holding a significant other's purse in the mall while she tries on clothes is less painful.

A Norton representative told Maximum PC that a different set of questions was asked to each gender, which would explain some of the quirky (and humorous) responses. Among male respondents, 27 percent also said they would rather give up sports for a week than fix an old PC, while 23 percent of women said it'd be less painful to watch ESPN all day.

The survey didn't just focus on PC repair. Regardless of gender, more than half -- 57 percent -- said they "never" download or stream adult content on their PC, followed by 19 percent saying "hardly ever" or "some of the time." Just 5 percent said they do it all the time.

Take that with a grain of salt because several respondents had plenty to say on how they cover their tracks after doing the activities they denied doing. Erasing browser history was the most popular at 55 percent, followed by clearing cookies (53 percent) and emptying the Recycle Bin (52 percent).

Oh, so why did we say we were also encouraged? For a couple of reasons. For one, 33 percent of female and 26 percent of male respondents said none of the answers provided were more painful than fixing an old PC (a pretty encouraging figure for the average PC user), while 76 percent said they regularly scan for viruses. Six out of 10 also said they regularly defrag, delete files, and uninstall old programs.

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