Norton Identity Safe Remembers Your Passwords So You Don't Have To

Paul Lilly

You're not a rookie on the Internet anymore so it's inexcusable to lock down your online accounts with weaksauce passwords. We're sure your girlfriend's fly, but using her name as a password is a poor security practice, and so is using any of the commonly recognized passwords out there, like 123456 and iloveyou, to name just two. If you're serious about security, you're using multiple passwords that are difficult to guess, which can also be difficult to remember. Symantec wants to help.

Symantec today released the public beta of Norton Identity Safe, a free, cloud-enabled service intended to securely store and synchronize logins, passwords, credit card details, and other Web form information across browsers and devices.

"Today, consumers are faced with trying to remember numerous logins and passwords in order to access their favorite websites, without putting their personal information at risk," Symantec explains . "According to Norton research, 38 percent of people surveyed still write down their passwords. Forty-five percent re-use the same passwords across multiple sites, leaving them open to risk as hackers may crack the password on one site and gain access to all of their accounts. To help consumers solve these problems, Norton Identity Safe beta provides a simple, secure way to manage passwords across Windows PCs, iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad, and Android devices."

If the idea of handing over your passwords and credit card numbers to Symantec to store in the cloud doesn't scare the pants off of you , you'll be freed from having to remember multiple logins and just need to keep track of a single master password. The service also supports automatic login synchronization across devices, so you can store a password on your iPad and login from your Galaxy S II.

To help keep your data secure, Norton Identity Safe beta includes Norton Safe Web protection, which analyzes websites looking for potential security risks.

You can download the Norton Identity Safe beta program here . Note that if you already have Norton Internet Security or Norton 360, there's no need to download Norton Identity Safe -- you already have it installed.

Image Credit: Symantec

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