Nook to Android Cards Now Support KitKat



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That's cool but how about turning my actual _phone_ into a KitKat device? That'd be cooler.

I'm still on a version of Jelly Bean that is so ancient that it is to current JB what Windows XP was to Windows 7.

...why a class 4 SD card?



Not only a class 4 microSD card but a Sandisk class 4 microSD. It isn't just N2A that recommends this for Nook, but other similar products and homebrew Android solutions.

The Nook seems very finicky about what type of SD card is inserted. Most will work for some value of 'work' it just seems that using a Sandisk class 4 microSD is most reliable.

I've never heard a technical explanation of the exact reasons.



I haven't checked the KitKat version, but it is my understanding that the N2A cards are basically software taken from devs (with permission) at XDAForum that is otherwise downloadable for free. For those not familiar with computers this $20-30 option might be better. However, for the typical Maximum PC reader, I think it's a little silly.

Check out XDA forum and you should find instructions on how to do this for free (although donations to the individual developers who's software you use is suggested). Be aware, that like many free things, different bugs exist with different builds. Therefore, if you use a device that you need 100% reliability (or at least backed by the service provider or manufacturer warranty) this is not a good option. However, considering this is about modifying a Nook, I doubt many people are relying on it for really important stuff like navigating through the amazon. I've used my rooted and modded Nook Tablet for a few years now (although currently I just use it for entertainment and have a Vivotab Smart for work related activities).



I had no idea this was even a thing. Pretty cool



It works pretty well. I gave it a spin on a Nook last year and was pretty impressed.