Nook Tablet Limits Users to 1GB of Internal Storage

Ryan Whitwam

Barnes and Noble spent a long time talking up the increased storage in its Nook Tablet device, highlighting the advantage B&N feels it has over the Kindle Fire. many users were excited about having 16GB of storage on a $250 tablet, whereas the Fire has just 8GB. Now that the Nook is getting into users’ hands, the other shoe has dropped. According to early reviews, users only have access to 1GB of that internal partition .

The remaining 13 or so gigabytes in the Nook are reserved exclusively for content obtained from Barnes and Noble itself. Barnes and Noble has confirmed this odd set up, saying that in the future, some apps will work with the reserved storage. Users certainly won’t be happy that their existing content will have to squeeze into a measly 1GB of space, and we would suspect that this block will be defeated by modders.

Users interested in packing more content into the Nook will need a separate SD card. This storage won’t be managed in the same way the internal partition will be. So, there are options, but we feel the arbitrary internal storage lock-down is anti-user.

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