Nokia to Make Windows Phone 7 Devices



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I too have always liked Noka's hardware. I also like the software included. The tethering for instance. I'm on my 3rd unlocked phone and fear that Microsoft will take away all things I like. I play very few games on my phone, happy with xbox on my xbox, and opera works great.



I've always liked Nokia hardware, and to me hardware is the important part of a phone. It looks like Windows Phone 7 has a good chance of being my next phone OS.

 I'm only a little hesitant because I couldn't give a toss about Bing or X-Box live. So no advantage there. Oh, and Microsoft is evil... but who isn't nowadays? I'm still appalled at that blatant "Lets Bing it!" product placement on TV from a while back.


Personally I'm excited to see what Nokia does. I switched to WP7 from iPhone and couldn't be happier. Always liked Nokia hardware so the combo should be nice. As for android, which is nice and I like my viewsonic g-tab, how could they really differentiate themselves from all the other phones out there. I think its going to turn out to be a good move and WP7 is going to surprise people.


I Jedi

Interesting that Nokia seems to believe in the Windows platform. I wonder why they chose to run with it over Android? Perhaps they see Android as too big of a success, and with the amount of devices out there for it, a bloated success doomed to fail. Then again, it isn't like Micosoft has been able to penetrate the market well with Windows Phone  7.



apparently they went to Google for android first but backed out because they didn't feel they'd be able to differntiate their brand name from Samsung, HTC, LG, etc....



Good move if they can prove -1 x -1 = 1



Which it is.



bad  x bad = worse