Nokia Trumpets 3 Million Ovi Store Downloads a Day

Paul Lilly

Maybe it's time to start taking Nokia seriously as a viable smartphone player. Much of the battle comes down to the app infrastructure, and according to Nokia , the Ovi Store now kicks out 3 million downloads a day.

Nokia says the number of daily downloads is indicative of ever-increasing developer support, but those aren't the only digits Nokia is tossing around. The mobile phone maker said users of Ovi now top 165 million people across more than 190 countries, with a growth rate of 250,000 new users every day. And of those who visit the store, 90 percent end up downloading an app.

The company claims that more than 400,000 developers have signed up to Forum Nokia in the past 12 months, 92 of which have seen their respective apps downloaded at least one million times.

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