Nokia Surges Past HTC and Samsung To Become Biggest Windows Phone Manufacturer

Maximum PC Staff

The Windows Phone team has been keeping the Champaign on ice for months now waiting for a reason to celebrate, and that moment may have finally arrived. According to market research firm Strategy Analytics , Nokia has surged pasted HTC and Samsung to become the single largest manufacturer of Windows Phone devices. This is pretty impressive when you consider that the Lumia lineup is only just now hitting the market in full force, and already accounts for 33 percent of all Windows Phone handsets sold.

Many questioned Nokia’s decision to throw its fate in with Microsoft, and while it’s a bit too early to say Stephen Elop has saved the company, it is certainly a positive sign. With new handsets likely to be announced at next week at Mobile World Congress, the future is looking bright for the partnership which for all intents and purposes is only just getting started.

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