Nokia Steps Up Patent Fight Against Apple with Another Lawsuit

Maximum PC Staff

No point in saving any ammunition for tomorrow: all out war means just that--all out. Nokia has opened up a third front in its legal battle with Apple with a second complaint filed in U.S. federal courts , this one alleging infringement on “implementation patents” held by Nokia.

This lawsuit argues that Apple’s implementation technology in the iPhone, from camera sensors to touchscreens, treads on Nokia’s intellectual property. This is in addition to an initial lawsuit about infringement on GSM patents, and an unfair trade complaint filed with the International Trade Commission (ITC).

Whether Nokia’s move is one of strength or weaknesses isn’t yet clear. This third filling, along with the request to the ITC to ban imports on Apple mobile products (including laptops), might be Nokia flexing its muscles, signalling to Apple just how serious it is about these various complaints. Or, it might be Noika going for broke--firing off everything in their legal arsenal in the hopes of wounding Apple enough to force a favorable settlement.

Round two in the battle may be the first to be resolved. Nokia expects the ITC to decide in 30 days whether to take up Nokia’s unfair trade complaint.

Image Credit: Engadget

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