Nokia Starts Shipping C7 Smartphone

Paul Lilly

Nokia picked a heck of a time to start shipping its C7 smartphone. As the second Symbian 3 device in Nokia's stable, the C7 is a noteworthy follow-up to the N8, only all the attention is currently being paid to Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 devices.

Nevertheless, the smartphone world keeps turning, and the C7 hopes to turn heads with its 3.5-inch active-matrix OLED glass touchscreen display. It also comes with an 8MP camera, Bluetooth 3.0, 8GB of memory, and oodles of social networking functionality baked in.

Users have access to multiple home screens to receive live updates from their favorite online portals, like Facebook and Twitter, as well as some specific email accounts (Ovi Mail, Yahoo Mail, and Windows Live Hotmail).

"Designed specifically with the style-conscious consumer in mind, the Nokia C7 also brings excellent social networking abilities, making it perfect for people who want to check in and stay up to date," Jo Harlow, head of smartphones at Nokia, said in a statement.

The C7 is priced at $466.

Image Credit: Nokia

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